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美丈夫 しゅわっ!! 500ml

¥944 税込



しゅわっとはじける、発泡性の吟醸酒。爽やかな酸味とキレのある吟醸酒に炭酸を溶け込ませ、アルコール度数を少し抑えた、すっきり飲みやすいお酒です。オンザロックの他、ライムやレモンを加えたアレンジもおすすめで、食前や食中酒として気軽に楽しめます。 開栓時はゆっくりと開けて、吹きこぼれにご注意を。 Bijofu Schwa!! is a sharp and refreshingly tart tasting sparkling sake that is carbonated by dissolving carbonic acid in ginjo-shu sake. Its smooth taste is partly due to it being lower in alcohol than most sake. Enjoy this bubbly sake both before and during a meal, not only on the rocks but also with lime or lemon. Be sure to always keep it refrigerated and open it gently and with care so it does not bubble over and spill. 原材料:米(国産)、米麴(国産米)、醸造アルコール 精米歩合:55% アルコール分:13%